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Replacement Windows in Westchester, NY

Replacement windows and doors actually pay for themselves over time through noticeable energy savings. They dramatically improve the appeal and value of your home both inside & out while providing more comfort significantly. Think of how they will affect winter & summer. Come to Westchester Home Improvement for all your window and door needs.

Is there a need to replace your windows and doors?

Warmer winters and cooler summers are what most homeowners’ strife for. Older windows and doors can no longer produce that for most of us. Older windows and doors that are generally made with wooden frames can warp or rot over time.

These windows and doors may at one time been well sealed, but over the years caulking flakes away and allows water to seep in. When water gets into the wood it expands and can rot, leaving spaces though which water and air can get into the house.

The last thing you need is a nightmare on your hands. That’s always the case with old windows and doors. Horribly inefficient insulated windows and doors fight against the elements. If this is the case with your Westchester windows and doors, call Westchester Home Improvement.

Vinyl windows can take care of your problem. The best part of the whole deal is that they will never rot or warp. The paint won’t peel because there isn’t any! The only maintenance they will ever need is cleaning, and that’s many times easier than on old wooden windows.

Types of quality windows for the home

  • Double Hung – These windows boast traditional styling that has delighted homeowners for generations. The top and bottom sashes are both operable for maximum ventilation, and both tilt in for cleaning from the inside.
  • Bay – Bay windows add a distinctive touch to your home’s exterior and an inside seat that is ideal for displaying family photographs and precious objects. Like Bow windows, Bay windows provide the perfect intimate setting to complement any interior.
  • Slider – Slider windows create a wide viewing area in any room while maintaining the convenience of operable sashes for ventilation. These windows feature a dual brass roller system with stainless steel axles for years of smooth, reliable operation.
  • Casements – Casement windows create a contemporary look right out of the latest architectural magazines. These windows crank out for easy cleaning from the inside and provide maximum ventilation.
  • Picture – Picture windows are stationary windows that create a frame for an unobstructed view, making the natural beauty of the outdoors part of the room’s decor. Our windows can also be combined with other window types.

Your new windows will be energy efficient, add value to your home, and reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Call Westchester Home Improvement for replacement windows and doors today and keep your home more comfortable.

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