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Patio & Masonry Contractor

Westchester Home Improvement offers custom design and construction of residential Westchester masonry services, including walkways, retaining walls, patios, porches, brick and stonework. Our old world tradition can be seen in the quality and distinction of our work.

Materials such as Bluestone, Flagstone, Natural Stone, Brick, and Pavers are available to create a natural array of choices. We will help design your masonry project to match your existing home or a new remodel. Quality always counts when you choose Westchester Home Improvement.

Our Masonry Department is a progressive division whose management and construction team take pride in excellence and craftsmanship. We are committed to providing a quality product and services to fit the needs of the individual.

Benefits of our masonry contractor services:

  • Professional work
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Prompt start/end times
  • Superior materials and labor

Professional Patio Contractors

Our patio designs are meant to satisfy everyone. Think of all the excitement you and your family could have while entertaining on your new patio. We can create the patio of your dreams as it’s only a phone call away.

The advantages of owning a patio surely outweigh any disadvantages. They make great additions onto the home because they are areas in which you can relax and spend those warm summer nights hanging out with friends.

What type of patio best represents your lifestyle? This is at your discretion. If you can dream it we surely can build it for you. We’re bricklayers, stonemasons and restoration experts who work diligently to meet the needs and challenges you put into us for outdoor projects such as patio construction.

The Westchester Home Improvement masonry team has years of experience in brick and stone. We can design patios, walkways and walls to avoid water problems, retain banks, and add beauty and convenience to your home. We also add stone facades to existing surfaces.

Patio Construction

Benefits of patios

  • Can be created from all types of stone – Mostly all types of stone work goes into a patio build. If you have a favorite type of stone, Westchester Home Improvement would like to hear about it.
  • Enhance appearance of home – Spruce up the look of your outdoors through a patio construction. It will help to make your exterior look great while increasing the value.
  • Versatile – Patios can be built in triangles, circular or curved structures which makes them very versatile and not to mentions, stylish.
  • Durable – Most stone is durable especially brick. Brick can hold up for many years of not centuries. This actually prevents costly repairs and replacements.


You’ll find everything that you’re looking for an more when you take advantage of the masonry & patio services from Westchester Home Improvement.

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