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It has been said that home is where the heart is. Certainly, your Westchester County home is where you spend a great deal of your life. And it is your most valuable investment. So when the time comes to make improvements to maintain the value and beauty of your home, you can only trust the best. When Westchester county homeowners need to improve or remodel their homes, they go straight to the Westchester Home Improvement, the remodeling professionals of choice.

Our experienced design professionals are ready to assist you in completing any home improvement or remodeling project that is functional, beautiful, and within your means.

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Special Report: Read Before Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

This special report can save you thousands when you begin your home remodeling project. Before you begin your home remodeling project or even speak to any salesman, remodeler, handyman, or retail outlet, this special report has important consumer information you need to ensure you get the quality you deserve and the perfect look for your home. Personalized service, shop-at-home convenience, professional experience, and custom products do not have to be prohibitively expensive, when you know the secrets of buying direct. Get Your Free Report Today! Read More

Professional Basement Remodeling

Professional Basement Remodeling Services in Westchester

Whether you want a downstairs bathroom or a bar, look into your basement. This is a wide open space that acts as a blank canvas. Another interesting remodeling idea is to turn your basement into a separate apartment area.

These might be particularly good ideas for you if you have a very large basement are or if you think that you might want or need to rent part of your home out for some extra income. Read More

Quality Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in New York

Kitchen remodeling can enhance the looks of your current kitchen while increasing the value of your home. New countertops will accent your new floors. Westchester Home Improvement Inc. can install all brands names and offer great customer service.

Kitchens are great places to start with remodeling because they are open spaces that can be modified in many ways to include lighting, cabinetry, and flooring. Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Experts

New York Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Always remember that your Westchester bathroom should make you feel relaxed and not stressed at all. So choose colors that would be vibrant to your eyes and remodel it into something new that can make you feel close as to having the genuine spa experience.

We have lots of great options and ideas. From luxury garden tubs convenient shower spaces, Westchester Home Improvement Inc. can make your bathroom experience all the more pleasurable. Read More

Why Hire Westchester Home Improvement Inc.?

If you have considered having your home renovated but don’t have any ideas as where to start, our home designers can assist you in making the best remodeling choices for your home.

No matter if you are just looking to have something simple like a patio installed or an entire kitchen remodeled, you can rest assured that you can trust us as your remodeling contractor.

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